Dan and I in a restaurant. We're sat at the table, leaning in towards each other and looking at the camera, smiling. There are glasses, bottles and plates on the table from our meal. I'm wearing a pink, stripy, off the shoulder top. Dan is wearing a short sleeved polo.
Ataxia and us Dating and Disabilities

Top 5 reasons why dating someone with a disability is great!

As an ‘able-bodied’ person, I’ve had a lot of people presume that dating someone in a wheelchair is dull for me. I’ve often had to set the record straight; I’m not Dan’s carer, neither of us need any pity- we’re having an amazing time, and we have a healthy relationship! In time for Valentine’s Day, …

Dating and Disabilities

“Can you have sex?” and other FAQs

From the moment that Dan and I started dating, people have asked me what it’s like to date someone who has a disability. I’m going to use this blog to try to answer some of those questions, starting with the ‘big ones’. “What’s it like dating someone in a wheelchair?” This isn’t hugely different to asking ‘What’s …

Dan excited, about to head up the quarry
Our Accessibility Stories


As the fastest zip line in the world, and the longest in Europe, Velocity 2 promised us ‘a truly unique and exhilarating experience’ with ‘breathtaking views’. And it didn’t disappoint… We went for our adrenaline adventure at Zip World, Penryhn Quarry, North Wales, on 15th October. I was originally booked to do the zip line …

Ataxia and us Dating and Disabilities Our Accessibility Stories

Falling ‘head over wheels’ in love… The beginning!

What happens when you fall head over wheels in love? I’ll start at the beginning… this is the start of how we fell ‘head over wheels’ in love… Dan (my better half, significant other, partner in crime….) has a disability and is a wheelchair user. We met in April this year thanks to the dating app, …